OPB reported on the case of a Dallas student, represented by Wiscarson Law, who recently won a due process case against the Dallas School District. The Judge determined the Dallas School District violated the IDEA by failing to provide a Dallas student with a FAPE, including providing insufficient medical care and placing the student in…

A family represented by Wiscarson Law overwhelmingly won their due process complaint, on every issue. The Judge found that the District denied the Student a FAPE during the entire time period at issue, and ordered sweeping remedies for the Student. Read the Judge’s ruling in the case here.

Diane Wiscarson and Kelsey Coulter’s article in the newest issue of Spectrum Life Magazine discusses the difference between mainstreaming and inclusion, and the impact this can have on a student’s education. Read about it here.

Lidia Saavedra, from Wiscarson Law, will be presenting at the upcoming “It Takes A Village” Conference.  Details below.

While Portland Public Schools did not say how many families were impacted by their refusal to allow private ABA therapists at district schools, two families represented by Wiscarson Law filed due process complaints against the PPS on this issue. Currently, those two families have preliminary orders requiring PPS to allow the two students’ ABA providers…

Two families represented by Wiscarson Law win “stay put” victory over Portland Public Schools in the dispute over ABA therapy at public schools. PPS must now allow private ABA providers at the District’s school until a Final Order is issued in both due process cases. The Office of Administrative Hearings determined both Students current educational…

The Portland Public School Board agreed to hear grievances on behalf of 20 families in a dispute over ABA therapy in District’s schools. Read about it here: http://katu.com/news/local/pps-will-hear-appeal-filed-by-parents-over-autism-program

Parents are leading the way to retain/regain ABA therapists in schools to support students with documented needs. OPB is following the parents’ fight, which you can read about here: https://www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-portland-public-school-autism-therapy-classroom/

Wiscarson Law moved from downtown Portland after 20 years, which was noted in The Advocate, a publication of Lewis and Clark Law School. You can find it here.

Kelsey Coulter (class of ’13) joined Wiscarson Law earlier this year. Advocate, the Lewis and Clark Law School magazine, recognized Kelsey and her move. You can view it here.

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