Brent’s family moved to the Portland area when he was 3, and he has lived in the surrounding Portland area ever since. Brent received a B.A. in Politics and a Minor in Classical Studies. While doing undergraduate work at Willamette University, Brent developed a passion for helping students get the best education possible. Brent tutored freshmen on collegiate level writing, and worked as a coordinator for a week-long civics summer camp for high-schoolers.

Brent currently attends Lewis & Clark Law School, and expects to graduate 2019 with a specialization in Public Interest Law. He is on the Editorial Board of the Lewis & Clark Law Review, and teaches various legal topics to high school students through the Street Law program. Prior to joining Wiscarson Law, Brent clerked at the Portland City Attorney’s Office, conducting research and learning how government systems operate.

In his free time, Brent enjoys playing video and tabletop games with friends, and relaxing with his boyfriend.