• In looking back over our year we were talking about all the changes and what an amazing change we have seen in [our son]. This morning [my husband] said to me “Diane gave us the best advice we have ever gotten.” We had no idea what to do . . . but we are so glad we listened.
    We want to say thank you
  • [My son] is doing so well with his full days at school. I am so proud of him and so happy for him. He feels like a normal, well adjusted 3rd grader as well he should. He loves his "go to" adult they've assigned him which really pleases me and he really looks forward to school now. I also heard from [my friend] and I about cried when she said you're helping her. The disability world is very lucky to have you. Thanks again!
    I can’t thank you enough, Diane!
  • We had an urgent issue with our special needs son and his high school. Wiscarson Law responded quickly to my call and scheduled me in to see Elizabeth Polay that very week. She was incredibly kind, upfront and a top notch subject matter expert in Special Needs/Education. She managed our expectations perfectly. Her kindness and empathy are so genuine and comforting. She is a wonderful advocate for children and is committed to helping and supporting families like mine. I have had two other experiences with other attorneys in this field and Elizabeth Polay and Wiscarson law has been the best experience by far.
    Thank you Elizabeth!
  • I think it is great that [my son] knows there are people rooting for him out there...even people he has never met. I am so grateful that we crossed paths. Please let me know if you ever need a reference, etc. Many thanks and best wishes.
    I have nothing but great things to say about your team!
  • I wanted to thank you for all your help at [our daughter's] IEP. You have helped us for so many years with 'bringing up [our daughter]', what a difference you have made! Thank you! I've included a picture of her at her job. As you can see from the picture she loves her work experience there!
    It’s good to know you’re on her team!
  • Thanks so much for your support and guidance with [our son's] education.
    We would absolutely be lost without you!
  • Helped us understand our position in dealing with the school district regarding our son and his placement in a program that was not going to benefit him. The firm gave us options to try on our own instead of just marching into court, which we greatly appreciated. I can recommend Wiscarson Law without hesitation or reservation!
  • Wonderful lawyer who helped us obtain school district support for our son. Extremely knowledgeable about what is possible (or not). Importantly, she knew all the key players in our school district--which helped us strategize the best approach to get what we needed. Recommend highly!
  • Things are going great for [our daughter] at school. After your help we have had a lot of support and cooperation from the school. Thank you again with everything you have helped us with. I do want to continue to work with you when we have to go to another IEP meeting or any changes in the IEP. Thank you again for all your help.
  • We are so appreciative of the great advocacy work you have done for [our daughter], and your counsel to get us to where we are at with his PPS education!! Thank you so very much!
  • I have been thinking of you lately. He seems to be getting along. No major problem. The team there seems well suited to teach him. He's sad and damaged [from the previous bad school environment], but I think he is in a place that can potentially heal him. It is amazing to see him in a place that is not hurting him every day. I think he is relieved. His teacher called us and told us that he was participating in class and that he will be a great fit. [His sister] also being able to change schools with him was critical in helping him make that change to the new school.. Thank you for all your help in making this happen. We had no idea that there could be a place so well suited to care for him.
  • I really feel good knowing you are in our corner. I am hopeful we an support [our daughter] in what she needs. Thanks for all you do- We are so grateful.
    Thank you for everything
  • Diane is truly outstanding at representing families of children with disabilities. We used her services for our daughter upon coming to Portland from New Jersey. We were getting push-back from the district on placement in general education, and Diane was systematic and thorough in helping us advocate for our daughter and helping us put into place services and supports that would support her in the general education environment.
  • You did an excellent job in representing [my grandson's] best interests as he entered middle school. And now, it seems that for the most part the Administration and teachers are working to meet [my grandson's] learning needs consistent with the agreements reached in our joint meeting at the beginning of the school year. You did an excellent job, professional and caring, for us: [my grandson, my daughter, and us, his grandparents}. Thank you for everything . . . your involvement and perspective proved to be important in getting him off to a positive start. Without any question, should the need for legal intervention on his behalf occur at any time in the future it would be my decision to ask for your assistance, post haste. Again, thank you for helping [my grandson and daughter]. You deserve a gold star.
  • We can't thank Wiscarson Law enough for all the help in navigating a system that really does place lots of roadblocks in the path of having kids with special needs reach their full potential. We first came to Diane nine years ago when [our son] was in the the third grade. It has been an unbelievable journey and we would not have been able to get [our son] to where he is today without Wiscarson Law's guidance and leadership. A Sincere THANK YOU!
  • [Our son] has gone from having a 2-3 day (on a scale of 1-10) to having 9's and 10's. Thank you so much!
    I appreciate all you have done for us
  • You are an awesome lawyer, very on top of things and doing exactly what I need from you. I couldn't be more proud to have you represent my girl in getting the services she is entitled to.
    Thank you for your patience
  • We are over the moon and cautiously hopeful that this IEP might help turn things around for [our daughter]. Thank you so much for advocating for our daughter!
    Great meeting today!
  • I have received emails from [my daughter's] teacher each week with really detailed information which I appreciate.At this point, I'm happy with the IEP and how it is being implemented.If it's ok with you, I would like you to continue to attend IEP meetings with me, I think it would help keep them on their toes and I mean that in a positive way. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for both {my daughter} and I! You are the best!
    Everything seems to be going well
  • Diane was awesome! My son's school was not following his IEP. Diane was able to ensure that the school not only re-evaluate his IEP but that my son be setup to work with a tutor for the remainder of his 8th grade year. In addition we were able to get my son setup for success prior to going into High School by ensuring that the High School not only had his accurate IEP but also that it would be adhered to by the High School teaching staff. Thank you Diane and crew, we are eternally greatful!